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How time flies, see how the casts of Spartacus look like in real life

Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22,2010 and concluded on April 12,2013.This fiction was inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus,a thracian gladiator who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Campus.

After the completion of the first season titled Spartacus :Blood and sand, production for another season was delayed because lead actor Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with early stage cancer so Starz produced a six episode prequel mini series entitled Spartacus :Gods Of The Arena. When the actor's cancer re-occured and he later died on September 11,2011,Starz had actor Liam McIntyre on the role of Spartacus in the second season titled Spartacus :Vengeance on june 4,2012,Starz announced the third and final season, titled Spartacus :War Of The Damned

1.)Andy Whitfield as Spartacus :Slave who becomes a gladiator in the Lady's of Lentulus Bataiatus.

Liam McIntyre as Spartacus 2He replaced Andy Whitfield after he died of cancer

2.)Manu Bennett (Season 1-2)As Crixcus, a Gaul, he was Batiatus' top gladiator prior to Spartacus, love interest of Naevia and secondary leader of the rebellion.

3.)lesley-Ann Brandt and Cynthia Addai Robbinson (season 1 and prequel) as Naevia-Lucretia's personal and loyal slave, love interest Crixcus.

4.)Peter Mensah(season 1-2 and prequel) As Oenamaus -Doctore(trainer)of gladiator and reluctant advisor to the rebels. The historical Oenomaus was a Gaul.

5.)Nick. E. Tarabay(season 1-2 and Prequel)

As Ashur a Syrian, former gladiator whose leg was crippled in the Arena by Crixcus:later served Batista as a bookkeeper and henchman.

6.)Jai Courtney (season 1)As Varro, a Roman Citizen who sold himself to the Lady's to support his family.

7.)Antonio Te Maioha (season 1and prequel)

As Barca, nicknamed the "Beast Of Carthage" is one of Barca's most successful gladiators, serves as a body guard for his master

8.)Erin Cummings (season1) As Sura,the wife of Spartacus

9.)Dan Feuerriegel (season 1-3) As Agron-a German gladiator who was sold to Batista Lydia, he was the first to join Spartacus in his revolt.

10.)Katrina Law(season 1-2) :As Mira a slave girl sent under threat to seduce Spartacus and become his lover. She takes charge of logistical matters as a leader of the rebellion.

11.)Brooke Williams(season 1 and season 2 premiere) As Aurellia, the wife of Varro.

12.)Dustin Clare(Prequel,season 2-3)As Gannicus, champion gladiator of the Batiatus ludus before the arrival of Spartacus :later as a free man, he joins old friends in the revolt.

13.)John Hannah(season 1 and Prequel )As Quintus Letulus Batiatus -a lanister and Spartacus master.

14.)Viva Bianca (season 1 -2)As illythia, the daughter of senator Albinius and wife of Glaber

15.)Lucy Lawless (season 1-2 and Prequel )

As Lucretia, wife of Batiatus

16.)Craig Parker (season 1-2)As Gaius Claudius Glaber-a Roman Army Leary's who is responsible for Spartacus enslavement as a gladiator.

17.)Graig Walsh Wrighton (season1 and prequel) As Solonius -a rival lannister,former friend to the house of Batiatus.

18.Eka Deville (season 1)

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