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A Test That Explains How the First Thing You See Might Say Something About Your Personality

Did you know that certain tests show a correlation between the first thing you see and your real personality?

If you are like most people, you may think you know yourself completely. However, this is seldom true. Most people will spend their entire lives not knowing themselves completely, and you will be no exception. However, did you know that familiarizing yourself with certain parts of your personality could substantially accelerate the self-discovery process? 

A short personality test is presented below. If you get most of these answers right, it will help you understand and uncover your real personality better.

What is the first thing you see?

  • If you saw the lock first, then you are a natural-born explorer. You enjoy learning new things and crave getting out of your ‘comfort zone!’ If a particular person catches your eye, be sure to converse with him or her regularly. You’ll better understand him or her if you do.
  • If you saw the person crying first, then you are not completely in-sync with your feelings. You need to do more self exploration in terms of your real feelings. You also need to pay much attention to your own feelings. Listening to your wishes is also a must. But in order to do this well, you need to spend some time to have a mind that is relaxed and free from stress or extraneous (and negative) thoughts.

  • If you saw the face first, you are a social butterfly. You love to learn more about others’ lives. You think that everything in this world is interesting and unique. You are not detail-oriented, instead, you are very in-touch with reality.
  • If you saw the fish first then you are very content. You think that destiny and a bright future is in store for everyone. You are very detail-oriented and can always find the ‘negative’ in life.

  • If you saw an open door, you want and are ready for life changing events. What’s more is that your life is headed on the right path. You are excited when facing the prospect of dealing with the future. Others are also inspired by you!
  • If you saw the musical note, you are very keen about self-expression. According to you, there are lots of important things you can share with the world. You are a person who takes risks without looking back.

  • If you saw ancient columns, you crave being in your ‘comfort zone!’ You are very quiet and fear others’ views and opinions. You need to be happy and believe in yourself because you are a very capable and strong person.
  • If you saw people first, then you have lots of confidence. You also have a clear understanding of the realities of life. You’re not an over analyzer and you are always ready to help others.

  • If you saw a face first, you value your wisdom, intuition, joy, satisfaction, and curiosity the most.
  • If you saw an apple first, you know how to behave and form perfect relationships. You also have the ‘right attitude!’
  • If you saw a sitting person first, you value a lively and balanced personality and life.

  • If you saw a car then you are eager to explore the inherent mysteries in this world. You feel that the world is comprised of many exiting and interesting elements that make your imagination go crazy.
  • If you saw a person with binoculars first, then you are a kind person who treats others well. You are also not self-critical or critical of others.
  • If you saw the letter ‘A’, you are prone to mood swings, however, they are moderate. You can easily swing from happy to sad moods. You need to balance your own professional and very personal lives.

  • If you saw the crocodile first, then you live a very colorful life. You are also a creative thinker when doing things.
  • If you saw mountains and water, then you are in-between in terms of personality. You are not like the average person and you are not an independent thinker either. You are a very positive person who tries to do beneficial things.
  • If you saw people on a boat, then you are a social butterfly who is ‘everyone’s friend!’ you love adventure and can fit in any social situation.

  • If you saw a rabbit first, then you are a very technically oriented person. You are a left-hemisphere brained person and this makes you care about others very much.
  • If you saw the duck first, then you are a right-hemisphere brained person. You are very people-oriented in terms of your personality.

  • If you saw the cat heading upstairs, then you are more of a hot mess who is not detail-oriented. You love life because of your more naive nature.
  • If you saw a cat heading downstairs, then you are detail oriented and very intuitive. You pay attention to things and love the regular challenges that life throws at you.

  • If you saw an old lady first, then you have life-experience. This makes you a critical thinker who analyzes every aspect of life.
  • If you saw a young woman first then you are impulsive. You are also happy and have an optimistic outlook towards life

What you see can tell your personality

You may not have thought that a test of pictures could accurately summarize your personality. If you found the images in this article and their discussion interesting, you may want to take other similar personality tests. You will find all kinds of interesting aspects of your personality that you never knew about if you do!

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