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Nickelodeon: Check out all the girls Henry Danger has dated in the Henry danger show

Will they? Won't they? They did it! We all love a good relationship but this relationship at times seems to never excel. So let's take a look at the relationships of Henry Hart we wished would have happened, and have actually happened in in the show. Henry Hart (Jace Norman) has had his fair share of relationships in Henry Danger. Here is the relationship timeline that breaks down all of Henry’s romantic encounters!

4.Chloe and Henry's relationship

Chloe was Henry's first girlfriend in the series. Since when Henry took her out in the Man-Beast they hadn't gone out in a while. They seem to just be friends and not have romantic interest in each other anymore, although Chloe seems to have romantic interest in Kid Danger.

3.Henry Hart and Bianca's love life

Bianca is a girl who Henry had a crush on after his old girlfriend, Chloe, left to go shoot a reality series called "Kids in the wood''. She is one of the most noticed and legit girl Henry has gone out with in the show.

2.Henry Hart and Babe Corano relationship

When Jace Norman (Henry Hart from Henry Danger) and Cree Cicchino (Babe Corano from Game Shakers) find themselves trapped in a broken smart car will sparks fly? Or will their budding romance crash and burn? Well it happened that when Henry visited New York on valentines day he and Babe Corano had a spark of love. And it ended with both of them getting trapped in a car, where things get serious between the two.

1. Henry Hart and Charlotte Page- this is the most anticipated relationship in the show that fans wish had happened. well it somehow did happen and here proofs to validate that:

What better way to start up having feelings for someone, than with epic friendship. Henry Hart and Charlotte Page are obviously a dream team they are on the same page! And one fun fact to know is that they both hate pickles. This two are a perfect pair, how did we know? Below are the proofs that they dated in the show:

1. They always got each others back, even in the show we all can deny the cute spark of love between the two of them.

2. They always understand and care for each other even while in the show. Charlotte is always on the look out for Henry and so is he, they always help each other, and cover up for each other in the necessary times. Below are cute photos of them together that will fill your heart with love for the two of them:

3. They kissed- the both of them were both spotted kissing in one episode of the show. Here it looks like he is putting a ring on her finger( jesting)Here is an interesting facts you might want to know about them: In real Charlotte Page( whose real name is Riele West Downs) and Henry Hart (whose real name is Jace Lee Norman) were rumored to have dated, though they are currently not dating the two of them are still best of friends.

Who is Henry danger the cutest with Bianca or Charlotte? Let us know in the comment section below.

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