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7 Best teen movies of the decade.

I am going to be putting together a list of some really good movies that came out from 2010 till date. These movies each have a separate story to tell you about sci-fi, romance, adventures and also the challenges of advancing into adult hood. Please do read till the end.

1, Easy Athis movie tells the story of a girl, who lied to her best friend about losing her virginity and in the process a third ear heard it. The story soon spread, like wildfire and you should know what comes after. It's very intriguing.

2, Kick Asskick ass is the story of a comic book fanatic, who always wanted to be a real life super hero in his bid to achieving that goal he finds himself in an entangled web.

3, Super 8this movie would keep your eye glued to the screen, It's a very interesting and inspiring movie.

4, Struck by lightningA young handsome teenager whose fate was to an electrifying end, coerces his classmates into writing for a literary magazine he started, to ensure his admittance into college. This movie is educative and captivating.

5, The Final Girls.this very movie is an adventure filled action movie, it tells the story of a young girl, who got trapped with her friends in a movie they we're watching.

6, Spiderman Homecominginteresting, intriguing, captivating this movie got it all and lest I forget romance.

7, Booksmart.As the saying goes all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. This very movie tells the story of two best friends, who have always been academic over achievers, with straight A's and topping there class. But on the eve of there graduation, they realized they've missed out on all the fun from highschool.

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