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Todays Woman : Meet Jennifer Ahana

Coming to Spirit-Breed, is the biggest challenge I have ever faced in life, Because it has taken away my comfort zone from me, I mean my Environment, friends and loved ones. But God always find a way of helping his own. New environment, New church, New people and no friends, very discomforting. Till the day she said, come and help me teach this children, so I wondered why me, and that was how I ended up having a 2nd friend in spirit-breed.

There are 5 things I celebrate about Todays Woman and they are :

#1. She maintains her calm : she's a very demanding person. When she says something she expect you to do it, she tries as much as possible to stay calm if I don't do it. She loves when her inner calmness is not being disturbed.

#2. She is not a control freak : as my boss in the praying ministry she tends to give everyone room 4 freedom. She makes all of us feel we are in a world of our own. The type of Heart you have, I don't know.

#3. She shakes off nasty comments : some bosses can be horrible, some can even go to the extent of calling you names. Some are abusive in various forms. I have never seen her bullied or made any of us look worth less and insecure.

#4. Choose to Forgive : to forgive those who do wrong against us is an empowering thing to do. Most times I can be very annoying, in respect of my offences she would always let go.

#5. Sometimes she Stay away : she keeps distance between people. The main reason she does this is because she wants a calm and peaceful life. She stays away from people who have nowhere to go.

happy birthday big sister, your deepest heart desires are yes and Amen. Enjoy your day and have a blast.

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Jennifer Ahana Spirit-Breed


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