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If you want to be Successful in Life, Then don't do these to Your Father.

Fathers are like Feathers that we use to Fly. Everybody has a Father, both a physical and spiritual Father. A father we must love, Respect, Obey and Honour. Even the Bible says "Honour your Father and your Mother so that your Days will be long". That's means you always have to Honour Your Father.

But some persons do some things to their Father that May hinder their Success. They disrespect, Dishonor, insult their Father.

If you want to succeed in Life, Don't do this Things to your Father;

1.Don't Disrespect your Father: Many young people are fond of Not respecting their Father,if their Father tell them to do something they decline, listen!! You can't succeed in Life if you Keep on Disrespecting your Father, you need to respect him at every time. Even if he wakes you up at MidNight and tell you to run an Errand for him, you have to do it, because he is your Father.

2. Don't talk back at your Father:Some persons think because they are grown they can talk to their Father any way that pleases them, how do you think you can succeed through that way, you can't succeed in life if you always talk back at your Father, no Mattter what he says, you shut up and Listen.

3. Don't Fight Your Father: This is the worse of all, it brings Curse.Some People Now think that because they are Grown they can now Flex Muscle with their Father, even if he slaps you, You have no Right to retaliate. If you retaliate and fight your Father you have blocked your Supernatural Blessings, then how can you Succeed? NEVER FIGHT YOUR FATHER instead walk away.

4. Never Dishonor your FATHER: Honour Means value, importance respect, you have to always Honour your Father, in Resources and in action. If you go out and see a beautiful Clothe or Shoe you can Buy it for your Father, if you have Money always give Him Money. When you do this, he blesses You, and when your Father blesses you, then there is no way you won't Succeed.

5.Never make your Father Cry: Dont do anything that will make your dad cry because of you, if he has cry it has to be tears of Joy rather than sadness

Since you have seen this, if there is any way you have been wronging your Father, Do well by fixing things with Him immediately.

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