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Three Beautiful Female celebrities who have changed their Religion (see their photos and facts)

Everyone has a right to choose which religion he wants to practice. In Nigeria we have two main religion; Christianity and Islam.

Everyday we hear the news of people changing from one religion to another and that is fine as far as the law of freedom of association is applicable.

Among those that converts or reverts as the case maybe we have some popular celebrities that either did one of that or the order for their own personal reasons.

For information sake, today we will show you some few celebrities that converted from Islam to Christianity.

We will also show you some of their photos and some major facts

Let's start:

1-Lizzy Anjorin:

1-Her full name is Liz Aishat Anjorin 

2-Lizzy is from Lagos state Nigeria

3-She has won the Best Actress Award at the Young Achievers Awards in 2012

4-Anjorin is a single parent. 

5-In 2013 she converted from Christianity to Islam and adopted the name Aishat 

6-Lizzy Anjorin father was a Christian while her mother a Muslim.

2-Lola Alao:

1-She was born on December 19, 1969, and she hails from Igbira, Kogi State.

2-Lola Alao is an actress, movie producer, and humanitarian

3-She also shocked everyone in 2016 when she announced that she was switching from Christianity to Islam

4- Her father was an active Muslim till the day of his death.

3-Adunni Ade:

1-Adunni Adewale was born on June 7, 1976

2-Adunni was born in Queens, New York, United States

3-She earned a degree in accounting at the University of Kentucky in 2008

4-Adunni has two sons

5- She was actually born into a home which had both Christian and Muslims background before she convert.

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