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Celine Dion And Late Husband Had A 28 Years Age Gap, Read Their Touching Love Story

Celine Dion is a popular Canadian singer who was born March 30, 1968 to her father "Adhémar-Charles Dion" (deceased) and mother "Thérèse Tanguay Dion" (deceased), by her date of birth she is 52 years this year and she is well accomplished in life and in her career as a singer. Celine Dion got married to her late husband René Angélil back in 1994 but unfortunately for both of them he died in 2016.

René Angélil was not just Celine Dion's husband he was also her manager and the father of her three children, their first son René-Charles Angelil (19 years old), and her set of twins Eddy Angélil and Nelson Angélil (both are 9 years old).

Celine Dion got married to René Angélil back in 1994, precisely on December 17th in Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica. It will surprise you know that Celine Dion a and her late husband René Angélil were 26 years apart in terms of age, in April 1988 when the singer Celine Dion was about 20 years old she started a personal relationship with her late husband who was about 46 years old then, it is said that he is her first and only love. Gotten from Wikipedia.

Celine Dion got married to René Angélil when she was 26 years old, while he was 52 years old, I guess love doesn't mind if the age difference is huge. Things didn't change much as René Angélil still remained her manager even after their marriage. Like earlier stated, their union was blessed with 3 children, their first son and a set of twins.

Apart from their huge age difference there are other amazing facts about Celine Dion and her late husband's marriage.

• René Angélil had married twice before getting married to Celine Dion, his first marriage was to Denyse Duquette and they had a son Patrick Angelil in 1968, this makes Celine and her step-son Patrick Angelil the same age.

• René Angélil second marriage was to Anne Renee and they had two children together, Jean-Pierre Angelil born in 1974 and Anne-Marie Angelil born in 1977. After René Angélil divorced his second wife he married Celine Dion in 1994 and they had 3 children together.

• From what we see above, René Angélil's first marriage had gave him one child, his second gave him two children and his third gave him 3 children, one, two, three. What a coincidence.

• In 2014 René Angélil, Celine Dion's late husband resigned from being her manager as he was battling with health issues, he eventually died on the 14th of January 2016, just two days before his 74th birthday.

In case you're still wondering who Celine Dion is, she is the singer behind hit tracks like; my heart will go on, power of love, I'm alive, ashes, that's the way it is, to love you more, immortality, imperfections, I surrender and many more.

Celine Dion speaks French and English, in fact she has a lot of French songs.

If you truly love then age wouldn't be a determining factor in your relationship or marriage, let this story be an example any time your double guessing your love choices.

What can you say about the age gap between Celine Dion and her late husband René Angélil?

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