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Kannywood Movie Review: So’

Director: Adam Zango

Starring: Adam Zango, Falalu Dorayi, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya, Rabiu Rikadawa, Shuai’bu Lawan

Genre: Drama

Year: 2015

Duration: 120 minutes

Salim (Adam Zango) comes from a poor home and was raised by his widowed mother and his elder brother.

He meets Salima (Aisha Aliyu) and they fall in love. But Salima’s father rejects her love because Salim is poor.

Salima’s family doctor in a rush not to allow the two remain together lies to her father that Salima is HIV positive. Based on this lie, Salima’s father eventually agrees on her nuptials with Salim.

Unfortunately, Salim is unaware of the whole deception and thinking that his love is truly HIV positive goes and gets himself infected so that they can suffer together.

So – love in Hausa – is a movie that keeps bringing on the surprises at every turn even though it may come across as a retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet play.

Zango, who is both actor and director, should be commended for the narrative style he brings to the telling of the story.

He is supported by a great cast that are all apt in their roles.

Compared to other movies of its genre, So stands out in superlative form.

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Aisha Aliyu Falalu Dorayi Rabiu Rikadawa Salim Salima


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