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“How do i live with my mother in peace?”, I wondered, after she did this to me (fiction).

I do not know what to think or do, as regarding this acrimonious situation between I, my mother and my fiance, I was engaged to be married to my fiance, just four months ago, in this period, my fiance became very close to my mother, being that she is the closest family around me.

I grew up under the care of my mother, she had me for my father, but lived as a single mother, because they were never married to each other, according to her, she and my father were only dating, as boyfriend and girlfriend, which resulted to my birth.

My father insisted that my mother terminated me in her belle, far from his demand, my mother refused terminating her pregnancy of me, 

The mother I know was caring to me, but I seriously cannot understand the reason she is the one who has betrayed me this way. 

I was left in perplexity, when my fiance's friend, who earlier had kin interested in me, called to inform me about the act of betrayal against me, saying that “my fiance confided in him, that my mother is pregnant for him, but he wants the pregnancy terminated, as he would not want anything to distort his getting married to me”, I am in total disarray right now. 

I don't know what to do, I may never marry my so called fiance, regarding the present circumstances, even if they go ahead to terminate the pregnancy, as my fiance wanted, how do I face my mother? 

Please, I need your help via the comment session below, let me what I should do. 

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