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Are ladies wicked? Find out in this heartbreaking chat between a Man and his Fiancee.

A man has leaked the chat between him and his Fiancee who broke up with him just because she met her Ex at a Mall.

The lady claimed she met her EX at a mall where she went to get some stuff, she told the man that when she met him, she felt some reignition in her which triggered her to have some romantic feeling for him(her Ex).

She said, she exchanged her number with him and after that they've met couple of times outside her Fiance knowledge, she pleaded for forgiveness from him but the man has sworn not to forgive her and promised that he'll take back all he's spent on their proposed wedding and all dime he spent on her, which the lady promised to return.

However the heartbroken man has shared the chat between them.

See the heartbreaking chat below;

How will this man get back is heart, energy and money spent on the planned wedding. This is so much heartbreaking and even worse when it just two weeks to their wedding.

but no one knows what the lady might have being going through.

Any justification for this lady? Share your thoughts.

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