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First 10 DC Comics characters Ever Created.

DC Comics Started pretty much in the 30s, with most of its early characters almost forgotten. Here is a list of the first 10 characters ever created.

#10. Batman

Created in 1939. The Gotham city vigilante has been around since the late 30s. He has appeared in so many episodes of comics, cartoons and movies since then. He was the instigator of the first Justice league.

#9. The Guardian Angel

Created in 1939, Zauriel who originally was a guardian angel serving in heaven for millions of years, willingly falls to Earth and becomes a superhero, joining the Justice league.

#8. Wing

Created in 1938. An immigrant who moved to America to escape Japanese persecution. He started out as a chauffeur of the Crimson Avenger and later moved onto becoming his side kick.

#7. Crimson Avenger

Created in 1938, Lee Travis was motivated to become the Crimson Avenger after the death of a fellow reporter. Aided by his chauffeur,he became the first masked hero in DC Comics.

#6. Fatman

Created in 1938, Fatman was a clown known for his performance as a clumsy version of the Gotham city law enforcer, Batman.

#5. Mr America/Americommado

Created in 1938, Tex Thompson operated as a mystery man. Around the year of the WWll, Thompson went undercover in Europe behind enemy lines along with his friend and fellow crime fighter Paul Kirk in order to take down the Nazi Super— agents.

#4. Zatara

Created in 1938, Giovanni John Zatara is depicted as a stage magician who also practices actual magic. He debuted as a superhero starring in his stories in Action Comics, during the golden age of comics. He is the father of Zatanna.

#3. Superman

Currently the muscles of DC Comics. Superman was created in 1938, starring Clark Kent an Alien from a distant planet Krypton, he was sent to Earth in a space ship following the events of the destruction of his home planet.

#2. Rose Psychic

Created in 1935, Doctor Rose Psychic was an experienced Mage who shared a body with her boyfriend Doctor Occult using the mystical symbol of the seven. For some reasons, Doctor psychic couldn't be separated from Occult or else she'd perish.

#1. Doctor Occult

Created in 1935, Doctor Richard Occult also known as the Ghost detective is a private investigator who specialises in cases involving supernatural activities.

please feel free to leave a comment at the comments section below if you feel anyone was left out or not rightly placed.

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