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3 Important Things We Can Learn From The Love Life Of Liquorose And Emmanuel

Each season of the Big Brother Reality Tv Show always presents us with lovebirds who always thrills us with their love lifes, and this season's most adorable couple seems to be Emmanuel and Liquorose. They have proven so far to love and adore each other, and they have both created the impression that their love life may lead to something tangible outside the house.

However, several lessons can be learnt from their relationship in the Big Brother Naija house, and l will be sharing with you 3 things that can be learnt from their relationship.

1. Age is not a barrier to love

There is a popular belief that a man should not be in a relationship or even marry a lady who is older than her as such relationships most times are short lived. The love life of Emmanuel and Liquoraose has proven this impression wrong. Liquorose is 26 years old while Emmanuel is 24 years old, but this didn't stop them from falling for each other.

What matters in any relationship is the ability of the parties to genuinely love and understand each other and not the age of the parties; this is what is obtainable in the love life of Emmanuel and Rose and despite their age differences, they still love and adore each other.

2. Every Relationship experiences ups and downs

There is hardly any relationship that has not experienced setbacks and barriers which try to pull it down, and Liquorose and Emmanuel's love life has also had its fair share of struggles. Liquorose was once given a task to ignore Emmanuel for a while which she did. Emmanuel was able to stay strong during this period even though he felt really bad while the prank was played on him.

Also, at the last party the housemates had in the house, Emmanuel was seen dancing with angel which, supposedly, caused Liquorose to cry stating that every guy he falls in love with always takes her pride away, and Emmanuel is not different from them. However, this didn't pull down the relationship as Emmanuel started that he hopes to see what the outside has for them.

3. Show Genuine Love To Your Partner

The love life of Emmarose should teach us to always love our partners genuinely. Emmanuel and Rose are always seen professing their love for each other and spending time together. They always seemed to understand and communicate properly with each other which is the key to maintaining a relationship.

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