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Is Moremi Ajasoro A Heroine or A Traitor?

The indefatigable mother of Oluorogbo is a different person to different people.

The ugbo people a sub yoruba group as history has it were the original owner or dweller of ule ufe (Ile ife ) before the arrival of the Olofin Adimiula Oodua (Oduduwa) Ateworo.

Oodua Ateworo Olofin Adimiula.

Who first of all inhabited a mountainuos region near Ife. Oduduwa noticed that the Olugbos were weak kings and attacked during the reign of Obatala another weak Olugbos of the Ugbos and seize there land making himself the new ruler. Some agreed to stay under his rule , while some left to their present place of abode. They are known as Ilaje.

The Ugbo people decided to revenge and thus were attacking Ife, (carrying them off as slaves) disguising like demons which was really Scarry to the Ufes

Then Queen Moremi decided to play the Messiah, vowed to the goddess in Esinminrin river to sacrifice her only child Oluorogbo, If the the goddess help in quest to uncover the Ugbo people's power.

She allowed herself to be captured , by the Ugbos, became slave and later a queen and favorite of Olugbos Oronmaken who reveal the Ugbo secret to her. The beautiful queen escaped back to Ife and revealed the secret and the Ufes were able to defeat the Ugbos.Moremi paid her vow by sacrificing her only child Oluorogbo To river Osinminrin .The rest is history now. please do you think Moremi is Traitor ? Or Is she a heroine, please comment what you think..

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Ife Moremi Oduduwa Olofin Adimiula Oluorogbo


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