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5 funny old cartoons that are still trending

Childhood days can not be complete without experience the world of animated character. This cartoons makes not just the olden days fun but also create memories for us, memories we will love to share and behold. As time rages and things changes,new things are believe to replace the old. Some animated series worth recalling are listed as follows;

1. SpongeBob SquarePants: this animated comedy is all about a yellow sponge, living deep in the sea, being a cook at Krusty Krab. The sponge named SpongeBob loves embarking on adventures with his friends. The series is said to have started July 1999 and still present.

2. Scooby-Doo: the mystery solving squad. The series is all about a dog known as Scooby and 4 friends, who usually embark on different journey in search of weird phenomena with the goal of solving each mystery. Is either mystery is finding them or they are on a quest for one.

3. Tom and Jerry: the two set of animals that don't get along but funny enough, they are neighbors. The comedy short film centers on the rivalry between the mouse and the cat,also, featuring some recurring characters. Created in 1940,the mouse and cat always takes pleasure in tormenting each other hence, triggering an activity.

4. The Simpsons: the series is all about a dysfunctional family, having a working class father and often involved in laughable situations. The program first debuted in 1989 and follows in the American culture. The bond the family share is seen in the care they show to one another.

5. Fairly oddparents: build around a 10 year old boy who is always been maltreated by his babysitter. The boy is neglected by his parents turned his life into an adventure when he was granted fairly godparents,who are there to grant his wishes.

Most cartoons are as old as anything you can imagine and some of them really made growing up fun and lovely. Drop in your comments, let's share in those memories. If you haven't seen any,is never late to catch in some fun and make memories.

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