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Remember the Man who spent ($200,000) to Look like a Tiger? See how he finally Ended.

Indeed Wonders shall never End, everyday we get go see strange and Shocking things people do.

Do you Remember Avner, who spent 200, 000 Dollars Just to Look Like a Tiger. Avner is a young Man with Huge Dreams and Aspirations, He worked as a Technician In the USA Navy. But in 1980, everything took a strange turn, Avner's feelings and affinity for the tigress, Stalking Cat began tattooing and surgically modifying his face. 

He had so many modifications done to his face that made him look like a Tiger and finally got him the name stalking cat. See some of the Modifications he had, now Many of Stalking Cat's body modifications were performed by Arizona -based artist Steve Haworth . The first artist to begin the extensive tattoo work on Stalking Cat's face was Larry Hanks in San Diego, California , who started the work in 1985. He had over 14 modification.

I see no reason why anybody would embark on such crazy Journey, it makes no sense at all. But things to a sad turn, Stalking cat died on September 12, 2012, and he died alone in a Garage without anyone by his Side. He killed himself.

see what he looks like now below.Why would anyone carryout such modification, tell us your view in the COMMENT section Below.

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