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8 Popular Television programs in early 2000

Here are some televis lolion program that gain popularity in Nigeria early 2000

1. SUPER STORY: Super story was one of the television show that many Nigerians Don't want to miss it was shown on NTA Super story is a program that full of knowledge

Super story help the like of Nnenna to become a model and many other celebrities who has feature in super story.

2. SECOND CHANCE: Second chance was shown on Africa Independent Television AIT on daily basis Second chance really gain popularity in Nigeria

At the time of second chance may youth must be at home in order to view Second chance it was a show that cannot be forgotten soon

3. PROJECT FAME: Project fame was an annual event a seasonal program it was a competition project fame cannot be forgotten easily due the role it play

Project fame has gone a long way to nuture the likes of chidinma and uncle been they were nobody before project fame but now they are celebrities

Project fame was one of the most popular television program in early 2000 everybody likes it due to the concert in it

4. FACE 2 FACE: Face to face was a comedy program that everybody like to watch it was an interesting show that nobody want to miss

Did you still remember Iya mukuro, oga landlord etc

5. MALTINA DANCE ALL: Maltina dance all was one of the most popular, always in the mind of people I just remembered muyiwa of Maltina dance all very interesting

6. PAPA AJASCO: Papa ajasco was the Nigerian number one television comedy show, a program that makes you happy there is no how someone finish watching Papa ajasco without smiling

Here are some of the name in Papa ajasco Alinco, ajasco, pa James etc

7. CLINIC MATER: Clinic matter was very popular program in Nigeria

8. GUILDER ULTIMATE SEARCH: guilder ultimate search is the master of all very popular it very interesting to extend of watching it over and over

Here are some words of ultimate search Totem, council of elders, Calabash, evicted etc, Guilder ultimate search is the most popular reality television program

Did you still Ezeugo, wale, Elvis, J J , chinedu, chisom eluma etc

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