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What happened between Obafemi Matins and Burna boy, was Obafemi Martins wrong?

The event happened at Quilox club, obafemi was taking and chatting with his friends when burna boy went aggressively to meet him to stop shouting and ranting right at obafemi face and even asked the even ask obafemi to prostrate to him and apologize for shouting at the club, obafemi was upset and slap burna boy right in the face and told him when the elders are talking guys shouldn't, they should keep quit and watch, one of burna boy jumped at obafemi trying to dirty him saying he's going to punish obafemi and asked him to do frog jumps, CDQ was also at the club saying burna shouldn't deceive himself with the tittle of African giant and respect the elders and that the distance between them is wide and that burna boy's achievement is not close to that of obafemi the club attendance intervene and rescue obafemi, he then later apologize to burna boy and burna boy accept the apology and left the club 

So do you think Obafemi was wrong for slapping burna boy or was he wrong for apologizing ? Comment below

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