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Laugh and make your day lovely with these funny pictures and jokes.

Laugh and make ur day lovely with this funny pictures and jokes.

1: Ladies stop saying all what men want is sex. Have you ever surprise us with car or money and we said no.?


2: U dream that u have money u wake up without money u dream that u married and have children u wake up and discovered that u are the child but na only if u dream that u urinate on the bed, that dreams come true u wake up and see urine yakpa on ur bed.

3: Girls try to the reason our matter na, e no easy to a man to boldly stand in front of a lady oo. if u say e easy, if u have feelings for us come boldly and asked us out.

4 When u have PhD in barbing.

5: if you like.

6: after weed wedding.




10: my sister.


12: na play I de do abeg no kill me.


14: no too de foam ooo

15: girls dey one place na, which one be that one.

16: last borns nawa for u oo

17: science student where are you.

18: leave an answer down pls.. as your puppy.

19: women nawa for you oo.

20: the money wey I spend on this wedding no go West oo.

Pls share to make others laugh as you just did and lastly leave a comment let me know the one that makes u laugh pass.

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