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Start Your Day With These Prophetic Prayers

Dear Lord, as we ascend to meet each new day, kindly let us be loaded up with Your soul. Any place we go, let us spread love, happiness, harmony, goodness, and loyalty. Allow us to want to turn out to be more similar to you and to love you in everything we do. Help us want these things far beyond the wrongdoing that allures us. Much thanks to you for continually going before us. In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

Ruler! The present another day, a possibility for another beginning. Yesterday is gone and with it any second thoughts, errors, or disappointments I may have encountered. It's a decent day to be happy and express gratefulness, and I do, Lord. Much thanks to you for now, another chance to cherish, give, and be all that you need me to be. So be it.

This long stretch of April Shall be your Month of breakthrough.God has arranged a gift for you this month ,his endowments won't ever fall in your life.he will keep on keeping you in his hands.your home will be excellent, you won't lack anything this year.

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