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Zee World Lovers: Check Out Beautiful Photos Of Ranbir And Prachi

Zee world fans, I know we love us some Prachi and Ranbir scenes. We love to watch their cute fights but Rhea never let them be, she's always following around. Twist of Fate really came back with enough drama and twist. I can swear that I even took it more seriously than the last time it was here. Maybe it's because we don't see just Abhishek and pragya anymore, we get to see their kids and how much they have grown.

Pragya has become a whole different woman. Ever since she became a mother, starting from her first child, Kiara, it's like they have unveiled a whole different behavior of her character in the movie. So if you are a Zee world fan, then you must be a Prachi and Ranbir fan.

Many at times, we viewers wonder whether actresses don't fall in love with their man while shooting these movies. I mean, how did Jack and Rose from Titanic not end up together in real life? The ending was so emotional, my goodness! I just had to look up Prachi and Ranbir's page on Instagram to find out if they are a thing offscreen, they are not, but they are really good friends. I was lucky enough to find lovely photos of them both.

Ranbir's real name is Krishna Mail and he is not just an Indian Television Actor actor, he is also a musician. He just dropped a new song and his fellow Zee actors and fans has shown so much support on their Insta pages. He is a popular face among the young audience. He, however, rose to fame with a series titled Punchbeat. He has also been a contestant on MTV Roadies Real Heroes.

While, Prachi's real name is Maghda Chapekar. She is a married woman whether you want to believe it or not. She is married to an Indian television actor, since 2016, and they are still waxing strong regardless the Ranbir and Prachi scenes.

Hope you enjoying seeing photos of them.

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