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"I Sent Him 2k Out Of The 3k I have, Later In The Evening I Was Credited 200k" - Lady

It is true that giver never lack, all our actions/ deeds will eventually yield a particular result. If you're a true giver, whenever you need a favour, somehow someone will show up for you.

A lady named Mazi Olisaemeka has narrated her experience about a mutual that asked her of financial assistance when she's also broke and left with just 3k. According to her, the man was left with nothing to eat, and out of sympathy she had to sent him 2k out of the 3k she had at that time.

Later in the evening, she received a credit alert of a sum of #200,000 from someone. Giving is a means of open door, and not untill you have much. Out of the small things you have, you can also blessed others.

"I remember when a mutual sent me a DM that he needed 2k. Honestly I had only 3k in my account at the time. I was like he said he’s hungry, so he probably needs it more than I do. Sent him the money and before 4pm, I got a 200k credit alert. Giving opens doors of favour for you."

"When they say “givers never lack”, it’s not a joke. When you give genuinely, you’ll never lack anything. Whenever you need a favour, somehow someone will show up for you. It has happened so many times not to be a fact."

These are some reactions of people to her tweets;

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