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Fiction: He Impregnated Me When I Was 17 And Denied It, 12 Years Later He Wants To Claim His Son

I got pregnant when I was just 17 years old.

My parents were disappointed in me because I brought shame to the family.

What even made their disappointment great was the fact that the person I claimed was responsible for the pregnancy blatantly denied it, just to save the face of his wealthy parents.

I was heartbroken and demoralised. Disrespectful remarks were made at my dad during family meetings and functions.

It was in this mess and disgrace that my dad had a heart condition that claimed his life, leaving my mom to take care of me and the pregnancy.

For weeks, I nursed the thought of terminating the pregnancy because I know the unbearable ridicule the unborn child will face. He will be tagged a bastard.

The untimely death of my dad weighed my mom down. She was always crying and her health began to deteriorate. 

Few weeks later, my mom passed away, leaving just me and the unborn child.

I could remember her warnings to me on her dying bed that I should not even think of terminating the pregnancy because of the repercussion. She made me promise to give birth to the baby and take good care of the child.

After the death of my parents, I was all alone. Life was difficult. I took up a menial job to be able to fend for myself and the baby inside me.

I couldn’t afford the house rent and the landlord sent me packing.

I was 7 months pregnant when I started sleeping in a market shop.

One fateful day while I was busy with my daily job of helping customers carry their purchases to their destinations, I stumbled on a good Samaritan, Mr Dolapo.

He asked me why I was doing such a tedious job in my condition. I narrated my story to him. He felt sympathy for me. He gave me some money and told me to see him in his office the following day.

Mr Dolapo was a doctor. He registered me under his hospital’s name and commenced treatment on me. He also took me to his 3 bedroom apartment where he and his wife stayed.

Mr Dolapo's wife was in her late 40s. She took me in like her own daughter. She gave me a room in the apartment, bought me clothes and took me to shop for babies things.

I was so grateful to God and Mr and Mrs Dolapo for their unquantifiable love.

Mr and Mrs Dolapo had no child. Mr Dolapo told me his wife was unable to conceive because of an illness that took her womb.

He confided in me that they were making plans to complete a child adoption process.

I felt sad. How could God make such a wonderful people barren? I pondered hard and came up with a decision that was best... I was going to give my baby up to the Dolapo's family once the child was born.

I couldn’t think of any family in a better position to take good care of the baby.

I informed my benefactors, Mr and Mrs Dolapo of my decision. At first, they refused because they felt it was like taking undue advantage of me and that they don’t expect anything in return for what they did for me.

I convinced them that it was the best decision. I was going to pick up the pieces of my life after giving birth to the baby and breastfeeding her to a reasonable age.

So, they reluctantly accepted and showered their utmost gratitude on me.

I gave birth to a boy, kept my promise to the Dolapo’s and the boy was named Opemipo Dolapo.

12 years later, I completed my academics, travelled abroad for my Masters and returned to Nigeria to start up a business as an interior decorator through the assistance from the Dolapo's.

It was in my line of duty as an interior decorator that I ran into Tokunbo and his mom.

Tokunbo was the guy that impregnated me and denied it 12 years ago.

He was in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down. He narrated how he was involved in a ghastly accident on his way from a nightclub. He also narrated how his newly wedded bride left him 11 years ago because he was unable to father a child due to his impotence and paralysis.

Tokunbo and his mom begged for my forgiveness. I told them I have forgiven them and moved on long ago.

They asked of the pregnancy of 12 years ago, if I kept it and what was the gender of the child.

I boldly replied them that the child was a boy and that God in his infinite mercy saw me through life after the death of my parents as a result of their denial to take responsibility for what their son did.

The mom went down on her knees crying and begging to let her son meet the child because that was the only heir he has left (as he would forever be unable to father a child).

I replied the mom and her son, “I’m sorry, that will not be possible. Your son has no claim to the pregnancy he denied years back. As much as I pity his present condition, I will be unable to grant him such request". Then I walked out on them.

Ever since that encounter, Tokunbo and his mom have been pestering me and threatening to seek legal action.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell Mr and Mrs Dolapo because I don’t want to cause them worries and sadness.

What should I do now? How can someone who impregnated and abandoned me 12 years ago pop out of nowhere to demand to see the child he denied responsibility for?

I need advice on the next possible line of action.

Please leave your advice in the comment section below.

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Thank you.

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