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When You Married A Lover Of Cucumber As A Wife: See 20+ Funny Memes And Pictures To Make Your Day

It has been noticed that, what keeps a man going is mainly happiness. This is so because, a happy man is more likely to live longer than that of a sad man. 

Therefore, we would be sharing some super funny and entertaining memes that had kept me laughing since today for you to laugh as well. Laughing has been my hobby because, whenever i am sad, angry or bored, i gently go to my gallery to view some hilarious memes or pictures.

It has been working extremely well for me in the sense that, it keeps me amused, and that is why i would love to share it with you all. Knowing how special you are, i would also love to see you grinning and happy after viewing these memes and pictures.

Maybe you must have come across numerous memes from many platforms, but be rest assured that you won't be able to control yourself from bursting out with laughter after seeing what i have for you.

Memes are mainly meant to make us to either smile, laugh or inform us. At the same time, there are different types of memes; the funny, the naughty, the awkward, and the educational memes. And we have all of them in one article.

Therefore relax, breath in and have fun as you laugh.


2.That awkward moment when your mom bought an over size clothes for you.

3.The new version of Cristiano Ronaldo.

4.So one can't check the size of his pocket in Nigeria again?




8.I swear, you will be explaining and stammering at the same time.

9.My brother, you will really enjoy your order.


11.When you married a lover of cucumber as a wife.


14.Over intelligent will not kill you dear.




18.Now i have hope because i have seen my colleague.



21.My brother whether you have PhD in mathematics or not, they must chop you.

I hope we succeeded in making your day smiling one?

Comment below, the memes or pictures that made you laugh loud.

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