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I would have picked Nini as Cross’s deputy if I had won the veto power -Angel says

Angel reveals her choice for the head of the house and deputy head of the house if she had won the ultimate veto power game.

The camera focused on Angel in her diary session with big brother. Big brother decided to engage her in a discussion about the ultimate veto power games.

Below is the breakdown of their discussion.

BB: You saw Emmanuel used the Ultimate Veto power for the first time. If you had won the ultimate power games who would you have selected as the head of the house and deputy head of the house?

Angel: I would have selected Cross as the head of the house because that would give him immunity. I would have selected Nini as the deputy head of the house because I truly like that girl.

BB: If you have the power to bring back one evicted housemate, who would you bring back?

Angel: I would bring back Arin.

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