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Never Give up: How I got my First 24k Clicks on Opera News as a Creator

How to get massive clicks on an article on this news hub platform is always the talk of the day. Getting low reach and clicks doesn't mean you are a bad writer but there are some secrets you don't know. I will be sharing with you what I noticed and how I solved my less click and reach problem.

1. Your niche: In this news hub, posts about entertainment, sports, dating, health usually have more reach compared to technology. But technology articles usually have more shares compared to the rest.

Why does entertainment news have more reach? Most of users on this news hub are interested in entertainment about their favorite Celebrities. So if you post what users want, opera News will give you a good reach. 

2. Use a catchy heading: Your article heading is very important because it convinces users to check out your post. A good content with a weak heading won't give you a good reach. But don't use clickbait headings like shocking, must read else your article would be rejected.

3. Write valuable contents: It pays alot to give reasonable and valuable contents. Despite your low clicks, still stick to posting valuable contents.

4. Never write for money: Most users make the mistake of writing for money. This platform is for does that have hobby for writing and not does with desire for money.  You will find joy writing when your aim is not after the money.

5. Not all your posts will have a good number of reach and clicks: Whenever I write an article, I usually be prepared for the worse. When you know that not all your articles will perform well then you won't be discouraged when your post have a low reach. Don't quit, never give up, keep writing, writing and writing. I published this post because getting low reach is usually frustrating.

I wish you best of luck on your next article.

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