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To Know An Ultimate Wife Material, Give A Lady 200k-500k and Pretend To Forget -Joro

Wife material is used to describe someone precisely a lady who has the qualities of being a good wife, being a good wife in terms of character and behavior. Everyone has their description of who a wife material is.

An online love Doctor has given his description and according to him, an ultimate wife material is a lady who can handle money, a lady who is not prone to spending a lot, in his words he said, give a lady 200k-500k to hold for you, then act like you've forgotten and demand for it in the next 3-6 months, if she can't provide the full money then she is not wife material.

A lot of people brought their opinion and some asked him whether he will pass that test as a man, well whether male or female everyone needs to have control when it comes to money and spending, if a particular amount is not yours then is not yours, if you can't keep the money is best to return it rather than spending what is not yours, and later the person confronts you for their money.

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But I don't think this is an ultimate way of knowing a wife material because someone can be good at keeping money but not good with character and behavior, but anyway it is still his opinion.

Do you agree with him, please bring your take in the comment section and share?

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