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Meet The Ghanaian Man Who Dresses Like Papa Ajasco In Real Life (Pictures)

A lot of Nigerians would have seen the Papa Ajasco movie, which featured Abiodun Ayoyinka as a funny character who has a weird fashion sense of wearing skirts and wrappers alongside men's dresses.

While this popular movie character is believed only to be fictional, the foundation of this fictional belief could be shaken with the revelation that there is actually a real-life version of this ingenious character somewhere in Ghana.

The Ghanaian Fashionista, Mr. Richard Brown who is also known professionally as Osebor has seemed to surprise Nigerians with his keen interest in the cross Male-Female fashion sense.

He has attracted the interest of the media with his dress style whereby he wears a formal shirt or simple top while complimenting this with a wrapper or skirt to veil his torso.

Although a lot of criticisms has been issued concerning his fashion, Osebor is quite unbothered and has a firm belief that the decision to dress that way is his to make, and since he has made it, people should come to live with that fact.

During an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Osebor's story was featured in their news publication and he revealed that he has faced lots of embarrassing situations due to his dress sense.

According to him, "Stop wasting your time over my 'skirt'", was the response he gives people who attack him on social media. Below are more of his pictures:

Osebor also revealed the meaning of his name, which in the Ghanaian language means 'Tiger', hence, he will not falter by the negative reactions because he is as determined as a Tiger.

This young Ghanaian man also complained of being constantly approached by gay and homosexuals just because of his dressing. He has received various comments from people about his beautiful legs, but he does not react happily towards this because he is not gay and does not tolerate such insolent acts from someone of the same gender.

Unlike lots of celebrities and entertainers that adopted some of their fashion because of Fame and social media, Osebor mentioned that he has been obsessed with this dress since long before he became popular. Social media only made it easier to connect with people, hence, making it easier for people to find him online.

He describes fashion as a blend of various colors and designs to reach a unique concept, which is exactly what people do not like about him. However, he has footsteps he's hoping to follow, such as those of Christian Dior, who was also a female-male dresser and definitely not gay.

Tell us, do you think people should adopt this fashion sense? As a man, can you wear this type of dress?

Sources: GraphicsShowbiz, Pulse

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