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Your Votes: Between Nigerian Tailors and Nigerian Women, Which Disappoints The Most?

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Nigeria is a beautiful place to visit and so are there Women. They come in all sizes and shapes, but the painful aspect of it is that they are not to be trusted, a Nigerian woman can promise you heaven and earth but when it's time to fulfill her promise she will definitely disappoint you, so also is it with Nigerian Tailors who surely disappoints you when you need your clothes for an occasion or festival.

So between Nigerian Tailors and Nigerian Women which do you think disappoints the most?

Nigerian Tailors

They was a time I was suppose to attend an occasion and I took my material to my tailor, he promised me that I will get it two days before the occasions date but I was so disappointed when I went and he hasn't even touched my clothes. Nigerian Tailors are just not trustworthy, my advice is that if you need a cloth urgently just go and buy an already made and not put your hopes on a tailor.

The funniest thing about Nigerian Tailors is that they never refuse and kind of work even if they don't know how to make the design you gave them, they will accept and then go ahead and spoil your clothes. So my advice is that if you are to find any trustworthy tailor in Nigeria keep hold of him/her because they are hard to come by.

Nigerian Women

I have to confess that Nigeria as a country can boast of having the most beautiful and endowed women is Africa and the world at large. They was a time that I was nearly hit by a car because I was looking at a beautiful woman that was buying foodstuffs across the street.

Sorry to say, but with a Nigerian woman's beauty comes disappointments. She will tell you that she loves you and promise you she will come visit you at your place but after all your preparations and the D-Day comes she will disappoint you and bring up all forms of excuses. They was a time my friend spent close to two hundred thousand naira on a lady who he was dating then after two months into the relationship she woke up one morning and said that she is no longer interested. My advice is that don't love too deep, should she disappoints, you won't be seriously hurt.

Now the outcome of this discussion lies on your comments. Between Nigerian Tailors and Nigerian Women Which do you think disappoints the most?

Comment Nigerian Tailors if that's your vote or Comment Nigerian Women if that's your vote.

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