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Opinion: 10 Strong Reasons Why Laycon Should Beg Erica to Celebrate His Birthday With Him (PHOTOS)

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Big Brother Naija has ended and the Housemates are all doing well as they keep winning in one way or the other, Laycon, the winner of the show, and his fellow Housemates, Erica which he loves so much met at Dorothy's birthday party for the first time after the show. Laycon couldn't take off her eyes from the star girl, Erica.

Tomorrow is Laycon's birthday and we need to talk about what can make the birthday party be a memorable one. One of the people that can make it a memorable one is Erica Nlewedin.

In this article, I will mention 10 Strong Reasons why Laycon should beg Erica to Celebrate his Birthday with him tomorrow.

1. He couldn't Take off his mind from her.

If you watched what happened at Dorothy's birthday, you will realize that Laycon still loves Erica and he couldn't take off his mind from her. You can't force yourself to love someone, but if you love her, there is no way you won't feel happy when you see her. When Laycon was looking at Erica, the young man was laughing in joy.

2. She will add to his Personality

Erica has fans in Nigeria and throughout Africa, begging her to appear at his birthday party will add to his personality and gain more Followers

3. She is the only Girl that truly love him

Erica is the only Girl that truly loves Laycon among all the big Brother Naija girls. Others become Laycon's friends when they realize Laycon is about to win the show. Erica stood by him from the first day they entered the show.

4. To make her happy

The only thing that Laycon can do to make Erica happy right now is to call her and beg her to appear at his birthday party. This will make the start girl happy.

5. She got disqualified because of him

Erica got her final strike because of Laycon, the innocent girl couldn't control herself because she felt that Laycon lied against her that she is trying to kiss her, I think it's Part of love. Laycon should look into this and make the Innocent girl Happy again.

6. Because Kiddwaya has Unfollowed Erica

This is a golden opportunity for Laycon, the opportunity he has been looking for inside big brother Naija has come. Kiddwaya has Unfollowed Erica which means they are not in good term at this moment, Laycon can use this opportunity to beg Erica and from there, they can continue their love journey.

7. To come to his birthday party

For Erica to show up at Laycon's birthday party is a prestige for him and Erica and people will like to see this happen. Laycon should consider this moment to settle the matter with Erica.

8. For Elites and Icons to become friends

The fight between Elites and Icons started when Erica rejected Laycon to chose Kiddwaya, the only way to make Elite and icons become friends is by seeing Laycon and Erica on good terms at his birthday party.

9. To gain Followers and Market his Music

When icons and Elites become friends, many of Erica fans will become Laycon's fans. That will add to his followers on Instagram, Twitter and more people are going to stream his music online

10. To make himself Happy

Laycon should make himself happy by Settling the Matter with Erica, looking at her can't solve anything.

Kindly share this post to all social media, let it reach Laycon before tomorrow to consider my points.

Icons, Do you want to see Erica at Your President Birthday Party?

Kindly share your opinion in the comments section below

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