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Remember Gulder Ultimate Search Past Winners? See Their Recent Pictures

Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) is a reality television show, created and sponsored by Nigerian Breweries PLC to promote the Gulder Lager Beer.

The reality show which is a survival type, is about a group of contestants made up of men and women. They are taken to the forest to search for a hidden treasure. While trying to find the treasure, they are made to do various arduous tasks, struggle against themselves and the wild. The show was anchored by Chidi Mokeme and Bob-Manuel Udokwu, but the former anchored most of the show.

Each week a contestant or contestants gets evicted, until the person who discovers the hidden treasure emerges the winner. The winner gets a huge prize money, a brand new car, and ultimately fame.

The first edition was in 2004 and the last was in 2014. All together there have been a total of 11 winners. Ever since the show ended, some of the past winners have stayed away from limelight. However, they are some of them that are still in the public eyes.

Let's see their throwbacks pictures

Season three winner Hector Joberteh was killed in 2017. Some of the past winners have stayed away from public eyes since they won the show. So I will be showing the recent pictures of the ones that are available

Season 4 Winner: Dominic Mudabai

The handsome season 4 winner Dominic Mudabai is one of those that have stayed away from limelight. However, I was able to get some of his pictures. He is presently a fitness trainer

Season 5 Winner: Michael Nwachukwu

The tall Season 5 winner Michael Nwachukwu is presently an actor and a model

Season 6 Winner: Uche Nwaezeapu

Season 6 winner Uche Nwaezeapu is presently an actor, singer and television host. He has starred in a couple of Nollywood movies

Season 7 Winner: Kunle Aderemi

The handsome season 7 winner Kunle Aderemi is presently an actor, filmmaker and entertainer. He is one of the few winners that has remained in the limelight after winning and he has starred in several movies

Season 8 Winner: Chris Okagbue

Chris Okagbue is the season 8 winner. He is presently an actor and a model. The dashing actor has been very active in Nollywood till date

Season 10 Winner: Dennis Okike

Dennis Okike is the season 10 winner. He is presently an actor and a model. He is also very active in Nollywood

Season 11 Winner: Chinedu Ubachukwu

Chinedu Ubachukwu is the season 11 winner. He was the last winner of the show which was in 2014. He is presently a model, actor and humanitarian

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