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If You Are Always Sad, Then See These Memes

This hilarious memes I composed will make laugh out your pain after reading them.

Japanese family found calculator in their son's room.

Who else grew up thinking Satan lives underground?.

The only happy ending I know.

If you respect me, I respect you back.

When you want to travel, but you don't have money.

When someone says do you have girlfriends?.

Just imagine if he pull that handle.

This is how siblings react in front of mom when you touch them.

This is the only way arsenal can win champions league.

Imagine another virus comes out, and it's only sex that can cure it, the way some mom will be.

My bad luck.

When Daddy says, take this money and go to the filing station to buy #1500 fuel, but on your way you used #300, reaching the filing station that night there is no fuel.

When Batman visit Nigeria.

What do you call this hairstyle in your language?.

Once school resumes, please I don't want to be hearing see as you fresh, is the same house all of us are oh.

Hug arsenal supporter and say 'though weeping may endue for the night, Joy cometh in the morning'.

That person you will see in heaven and you question him that who open gate for him.

Content created and supplied by: Semoshina (via Opera News )

Daddy Japanese Satan


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