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OPINION: Payment Of Bride Price Should Be Stopped In Nigeria, Here are My Reasons.

We all know that, every young lady today want to get married to the most caring man on the planet, especially those ladies who are now getting older.

On the other hand, men too want to get married to a very beautiful woman who will be able to raise their children in a good way.

Do you know the meaning of bride price in Nigeria? Generally bride price is a name given to items which can be either money, goods or other property provided by the groom or his family to the bride's family in consideration of the marriage.

Let's not forget that, this practice of paying for bride price dates back to remote antiquity.

Below are some of the reasons, why I'm calling on Nigerians to stop the practice of paying bride price for Nigerian ladies.

1. The Man Thinks He Bought The Lady.

Many men feel this way, after paying a huge amount of money or after providing a large number of items to the family of the bride just to get married to their daughter.

This may later lead to other troubles later in the future. Let's say for instance, the couple may have a little misunderstanding where the husband might mention how much he paid just to get married to his wife.

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2. The bride's family takes advantage of the situation.

The bride's family may decide to take advantage of the situation by increasing the price which is to be paid by the groom.

If this is done the man has no choice than to comply with their needs if he truly wants to get married.

3. It is a business.

It is considered as doing business in the sense that, you give something and take something in return. But, this practice should not always be the case.

What this means is that, if a man does not have enough money to venture into the business, then he should not get married. This is the reason why most couples live together without getting married.

With these few reasons, do you think I am right to say that the payment of bride price should be stopped in Nigeria?

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