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"I Am a Deeperlife Sister"- See This Lady's New Post That Is Generating Lots Of Reactions

Remember the young so-called Deeper Life girl of the Twitter handle name @village girl, who made a trending posts a few days ago? She keeps making a series of posts of her beautiful self in her nice attires that keeps generating more comments on her handle.

See her post that is generating reactions below

But some other fans are of contrast opinions to her lovely posts, saying that her dressing is a fake deeper life dressing.

See reactions that followed her post👇

See another contrast reaction below

But how is her dressing a fake deeper life dressing?

The question is, what is a good sense of dressing? In my opinion, a good sense of dressing should be the one that covers your nakedness, is more decent and moderate enough, not too flamboyant.

See her previous lovely posts below

Although in this post, she is seen displaying her curves and shapes of which many are believing, is not usual of a typical deeper life lady to pose or dress in that manner.

Different people, different faces, and different opinions, all opinions are not bound to be the same and everyone has got equal rights and opportunities to express their opinions of how they feel about something. No wonder the adage says, 'One man's meat is another man' s poison'.


1. What do you make of this young and beautiful sister expressing herself and her beauty or shapes?

2. Do you think anything is actually wrong with this dressing, as some have wrongly reacted?

Please, feel free to like, share the post, and comment on the matter, as all your different opinions are highly welcomed.

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