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How Tiwa Savage Uses Self Confidence To Defeat Her Blackmailers And Continue Her Lifestyle

Tiwa Savage

The belief that women must be shamed, whenever there is anything relating to how their nude pictures are being exposed, can be traced to a strong chauvinism that exists in Africa. This means that no matter the status of such a woman, be it a celebrity or a common woman, it is generally accepted that she must bow to the intimidation that will follow her quixotic behavior. 

This is what the blackmailers who captured Tiwa Savage's sexual act tape wanted to achieve. He had reckoned that Tiwa Savage would consider the shaming part of the story and succumb to his demand or face the turpitude experience that would follow if she failed to pay the money he would demand. 

However, the entire scenario changed abruptly when Tiwa Savage jettisoned the threat from the blackmailers and prepared for the worse. 

Firstly, Tiwa Savage deserves accolades for having summoned the courage with which she tackled the heinous occurrence. She knew that she would be overwhelmed if she failed to act. In this manner, she went to Power 105.1 radio station in New York, USA, to reveal how the blackmailer came up with the idea to extort her on the Angie Martinez show, and she concluded that no matter how much the blackmailer pestered her, she would be reticent to such a frivolous demand. 

Nevertheless, the unexpected happened as the blackmailer did worse than expected by releasing the video, which resulted in the internet going wild since the video is related to a feminine celebrity. 

Surprisingly, Tiwa Savage wasn't moved by the shocking experience that the Nigerians had watching the video, which suggested how prepared she was for what may come out of their reactions. 

No matter how strong a woman is, if she goes through what Tiwa Savage went through, she will be depressed and may consider suicide as a last resort. 

In 2015, an Italian lady, Tiziana Cantone, whose sexually explicit video was uploaded on the internet without her consent, could not condone the psychological disturbance she experienced. She succumbed to the cold hand of death by committing suicide in 2016. 

Tiziana Cantone

This is what Tiwa Savage's blackmailers thought could occur, but instead of that, Tiwa Savage defeated the evil genius by listening to positive and encouraging words from her colleagues.  

Recently, she shared a video of herself where she was seen dancing to a better tune to prove to her blackmailers and enemy alike to know that she even felt better and it would be recorded that the attempt did not denigrate her but added to her popularity. 

Thus, she confidently concluded that she wouldn't talk about the scandal again, and what follows truly is how she was seen attending popular shows like the CDQ album listening party.  

Consequently, Tiwa Savage's brave story should serve as a shield to protect the integrity of every woman in Nigeria and also serve as a veritable tool for all Nigerian feminists who may have been overrun by the male chauvinism that has been existing herein, to have hope against any future oppression that may occur forthwith, as Tiwa Savage's set the pace for every woman to face such an attempt now and for posterity.


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Tiwa Savage


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