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See These Cute Babies That Will Make You Believe Angels Exist

Babies are the cutest creatures you will ever see. A very young human, particularly from birth to a couple of years old or until walking is fully mastered. Babies are charming, cute, handsome, pretty, beautiful and adorable. You just can't stop staring at one due to the cuteness possessed. How I wished everyone of us were babies. 

 You must marry a very pretty wife to have a very cute baby boy or girl. Therefore, if you want a pretty baby for yourself, you must be ready to make the right choice by marrying the perfect woman that that suits you. 

 I have never seen a baby with black complexion, baby are always fair. Fairness is one of a baby's quality. Have you ever stared at a baby, being mesmerized and fascinated by its innocent eye. Yes, I once stared at a baby for minutes. If you are sad, the pictures of the babies you will be seeing below would help to calm your mind. 

 But before you check out the pictures, do you know why "Its" is used for a baby and not "he" or "she", even though the word "its" is used to qualify a non-living thing?Check example below:

-It's a baby boy 

-It's a baby girl 

 This is because at the moment babies are born, they are still considered as immature and infertile creatures. Also, the term "baby" is also used to signify a very young animal. That's why "it" is being used when a baby is born, and not "she" or "he". 

 See cute pictures of these angelic babies:

Such cuteness, such innocence, such charm. These cute babies are so charming. I had to stare at them for seconds. I have more pictures, see:

God is so marvelous for creating such creatures: Are they cute? Drop a comment for them, and don't forget to like this post and follow me up

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