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Slave Trade Is Over, If You See a Girl That Wears Leg Chains Just Go ahead And Do This - Lady

Having an opinion about something doesn’t automatically mean you are correct, as long as you are not trying to force your opinion down people’s throat, it may be welcomed or considered. Many people make use of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and day by day, you tend to see things and how people feel about some things in the society.

People often use Social media platform like Twitter to rub minds and present opinions which may not necessarily be right. You see people discussing some matter on social media which you can not just ignore because it contradicts your initial knowledge of that same matter.

A Lady on Twitter has tweeted her opinion on Leg chains and according to her, ladies should stop using it because it allegedly portray them as sex workers. She added that if you see any lady wearing leg chain, you can walk up to her and offer her money for her body service. There are ways you can beautify yourself and ladies use many things to be attractive. From the use of make up to wrist watches, earrings, neck chains and even leg chains, ladies go for any necessary accessories to make them look beautiful and attractive.

However, according to the Lady on Twitter who goes by the username @ Loriiro, Leg chain is wrong and ladies should stop using it. In her full tweet, she said “Slave trade is over. Apart from them being Lesbians If you see a girl that wears Chains Just Go ahead and ask her how much per night. They're all Sex workers if E pain you stop wearing it. Slave trade is over”

After she tweeted this, check out how some of her followers reacted below

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Slave Trade


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