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Pictures Of The Ingredients A Man Put In His Garri That Caused Funny Reactions

Garri is a very common food in Nigeria, especially produced in the Southern , Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria.

Garri is a food for everyone, both the rich and the poor, the young and the old, as it contains basic nutrients. Infact, some persons cannot go a day without eating garri.

It can be eaten in different forms. Some persons prefer making it with boiled water and eating it with soup, while others prefer drinking it, garnished with milk, groundnut and chilled water.

But here is a picture of the ingredients a man put in his garri that made people wonder if it is really garri.

From the pictures, you can see tomato, cucumber and groundnut in the garri, which is very unusual from what we see on a daily basis.

Some persons called it fruit salad,

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Someone even ask where she could order this particular kind of garri.

See other reactions.

A twitter user said he violated the laws of garri and should be arrested.

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