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I slapped his mum and this happened(fiction)

All pictures displayed are for illustrations only.

I woke up yesterday without any clue that something bad will happen to me.

The whole episode started when my brother sent me to the market to restock our almost finished foodstuff.

I boarded a bus and alighted at the central market and started my shopping.At the meat seller's stall a lady in her late forties stepped on me.I demanded an apology from her but instead this woman started calling me names,i was dumbfounded but decided to keep mute for the sake of peace.

I continued my shopping when this woman gave me a thunderous slap saying "you must be stupid to ignore me when talking" i repulsively returned the slap which sent her straight to the ground.

Little did i know that this was the greatest mistake in my life, because her son who is a military man was a block away observing the chaos.He rushed to the scene and shouted "bastard why would you slap my mum" immediately i heard that, i knew my village people where at work.To cut the long story short i was given the beating of my life,infact see how i look like now.

But readers!!!

Between me and this woman who was actually wrong?

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