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Names Of God In Different Nigerian Languages And Their Meanings

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Nigerians call God different names. Although all the names still refer to him as God, but the difference in languages makes it look as if the names have different meanings.

Below are the names of God in different Nigerian Languages and their meanings.


The Yoruba's call God so many names. Some of the names are

Olodumare :Olodumare means the supreme deity

Olorun :The owner or Lord of heaven

Oluwa: The Lord of all

2.The Igbo's

Chineke: God the creator

Chukwu: The great spirit, the source of life.


Osanobuwa: The source of everything and the sustainer of all


Soko:The creator

5. Tiv

Anode: The sustainer

6. Ibibio: Abasi which means Lord


Dagusi which means the supreme being


Ojo which means creator


Ohunmoruhi which means lord, the supreme diety.


Ubangiji which means the great one and Lord of all

One thing common with these names is that, all the tribes and languages acknowledge God as the source, creator, sustainer and controller of all humanbeings and everything in the universe.

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