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30 plus hilarious memes for Anime watchers part 9.

30 plus hilarious memes for Anime watchers part 9.

And some games too!

1. Main characters going against their way.

2. Why Neji died.

3. This year just being itself.

4. Main characters be like.

5. Complaining about anime.

6. Loving anime.

7. Anime tsunderes.

8. Acting normal.

9. The impostor.

10. Netflix adaptation as usual.

11. Reiner and bertholdt.

12. Attack on Titan season 4 reaction.

13. It's season 4 poster!

14. SpongeBob SquarePants and Naruto characters.

15. Britain in the eyes of countries.

16. Anime character's motivation.

17. You deserve to be arrested for choosing Netflix adaptation to the anime.

18. Traps have made us cautious.

19. Shouldn't it end here?

20. The beach episode.

21. Uchihas hanging out.

22. Introvert in public and at home.

23. Why so tired.

24. Korean pop and cr.. I mean, Chinese rap.

It's a trap.

25. Men are ok.

Well said my man.

26. Guitar anime girls.

27. There's an impostor.

Itachi is the impostor.

28. The month of December.

29. Little me and friend.

30. Checking the time.

31. Light laughing at other protagonists.

32. Day and night.

33. Avoiding responsibility.

34. The perfect Halloween costume.

35. That doesn't sound right.

36. One punch man.

37. Making fun ( read right to left).

Uhh, so cute.

38. After playing the game.

39. Taking the bait.

40. Strange evidence.

41. Turning around.

42. Very cooperative.

43. It's the season.

44. Reason to vote.

45. Wait what.

46. Cruel similarity.

47. Mission impossible.

48. Who's the better.

And someone replied: "Because they are."

So which are you?

Content created and supplied by: ChrisWhiteking (via Opera News )

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