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FICTION: The First And The Last Son

Most Fantasy Stories usually start with a princess in a tower and a handsome prince who has to save a princess or to the princess and the frog with a kiss of true love.

This story begins in the western part of Africa, Nigeria and a bright young lady named Modupeoreoluwa Bamisaye who is still a virgin at the age of 20. A lady someone can call a true black and beautiful virtuous woman with arguable a model height, body and a high definition of a figure 8 as well as endowed with with a cute face of a baby “a face that could launch a thousand ships” she was told as she is also very brilliant both internally and externally and everyone calls her MO in short. MO goes to L.C.C.U (Lords chosen Christian University) and is a student studying surgical science, a diligent student with a first-class degree in mind.

  MO has a test for 11am and she is actually late for her lab science class and she is dashing out of her hostel holding on the bulk of books she hurdled into her hand bag while pulling her self together in the process while heading to the street in front of her hostel hoping she could catch a Tricycle (kekenapep)which could only be her life saver right now and get her to class much faster than walking so as not to miss her class test which is located basically on the other side of campus at the University teaching hospital. She is in her 6th year in the school “the world is about to experience a ground breaking surgical doctor “ at least that’s what she usually tells herself and anyone who cares to know why she is studying surgical science.

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Africa Lords MO Modupeoreoluwa Bamisaye Nigeria


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