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Dekunle Who Had Amnesia Explains How His Band Guys Charmed Him With His Cloth

After his most embarrassing experience in Nigeria, which caused him to flee the country, US-based gospel artist Dekunle Fuji said that after leaving Nigeria for the USA, he was exposed to many headaches, including loss of memory.

He told Saturday Beats: "When my performance at 'The Experience' concert a few years ago failed, I kept wondering what went wrong. The instrumentalists didn't remember everything we had rehearsed. In the meantime, I had fasted 21 days before the exhibition. But what happened? The devil attacked. So I decided to take a two-week break to refresh myself. When I arrived at the airport I saw Pastor Paul Adefarasin (one of the organizers of the Experience concert) and he told me that what had happened to me was a (spiritual) attack.

"I wasn't really planning to move. I just needed a break. However, there were many things I couldn't remember and I couldn't find my passport. When I came to the USA, the phone I had left with broke down. It was as if everything was working against me. None of my friends really remembered my existence. I asked myself: "How did I get here? Then I thought maybe it was time to start a new life and started to take Michael with me. I remember once a white woman saw me and told me that God had taken me out of Nigeria so that I would not die prematurely.

The singer shared his experience: "God began to restore me four years ago when a friend asked me to help him pick up someone from Nigeria at the airport. I did not know that the person I picked up was a prophet. He told me that one of my choir singers used my scarf to fight me. That's when I began to regain my memory. So I decided to call the person in question on the phone. When he took my call, he started to cry and told me to forgive him. He said he was using my clothes to do certain evil things. He also confessed that it was one of the guys in my gang who "took him to the place where I did the charm on him.

Dekunle Fuji, who now cares for drug addicts and the homeless, said he was praying for Davido when he saw a vision that something bad would happen to him. He added, "Earlier this year I saw (a vision) that something bad was going to happen to Davido and I told him he cannot die. I had to pray for him. I do not know him personally and I am not looking for friendship. I am glad that death has passed over him. He (Davido) should find a way to go to church and have a relationship with God. If I had the opportunity to talk to him, I would say so.

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