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16 Hilarious Pictures For Laughter

Going to your boyfriends house

 without informing him that

 heartbreak you are looking for, sister,

 you shall find it.


That moment when you

 mistakenly zii.. Ladies! Close your

 eyes, I'm talking to my fellow guys,

 that moment when you mistakenly zip

 the flesh of your thing after'll be like "God why

 me, Just let me remove this thing

 safely, I will serve you till I die"... We

 all know that feeling. .


Now to the Ladies You Are Slim,

 No Boobs, flat buttocks and you keep

 visiting the gym. Are you trying to

 contest for Miss selfie stick??.

 African girls ...When the pant is

 new, she will be like "boo remove it

 yourself" but wen it is old and faded,

 she will be like "boo boo wait, I have

 a surprise for you, close your eyes.


Today I saw my EX passing by our

 house with her new boyfriend ...

 Jealous down, they looked so

 beautiful together. So I opened the

 gate for my dogs to see them too. Lol

 You should have seen how they

 produced new temple run together.

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