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How Shina Rambo pounded 27 babies inside mortal while looking for power for his robbery operations

Photo Credit: BBC Africa

Shina Rambo in the 1990s was a very popular and notorious armed robber, who carried out his operation without the disturbance of police operatives, due to the fact that he do use traditional powers and can do anything to get powers from his herbalists.

When Shina was young, his dad, who was a military officer then do bring money collected from robbery scene into his house and start counting in the presence of his son, not knowing that Shina Rambo was already taking note of all his activities.

However, his father knew that something was wrong one day, when he left a gun on the floor and entered inside toilet and when he came out of the toilet, he discovered that Shina had already assembled the gun and this made him so angry that he shot at him and also attempted to behead him but, he was not successful.

When Shina Rambo started terrorising people by robbing them, he started looking for traditional powers that won't make him get caught and due to this, he did a lot of bad things to make sacrifices to the gods. In some of the things he did to get his powers, Shina's herbalists told him to pound 27 newborn babies inside mortal, which he did. He cut off the tongues of 100 people, cooked and ate all of them, he visited a spiritual river in Cross River State, known as 'Life of Ogoja' to source for power and also, he slept inside cemetery and also lived inside iroko tree for days.

All these things he did then were what made police operatives unable to arrest him easily, whenever they confront him during operations. But, he was eventually caught and sentenced to eleven years in jail term he served at Agodi Prison in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

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