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Jokes to lighten up your day

1. A man fainted in front of Central Bank of Nigeria Office, Abuja this morning, people rushed to him and someone said bring some water and pour it on him. 

The man opened his eyes and replied "no try am oooooo." 

if I needed water I would have fainted in front of water corporation.

So, pls look at where I fainted and do the right thing..


2.Our landlady buy iphone 11 pro for her sugar boy, He carry am dash ein new girlfriend and the girl Na landlady pikin... Na the matter we dey settle since for yard...😂😂

3. Them use fake ALERT pay Bride price,  na the matter we dey settle since, na why I dey small busy...  😂 😂

4. The slap was resounding. 

Yes!!!!!, I saw it... 

It had a sharp clap of thunder. 😳 

We all turned in shock. 

And looked towards the direction from whence the sound had come. 

The man who received it Staggered Stopped In a bent position Eyes to the floor. Held the left side of his face...And stayed there motionless.

The slapper.. Held him gingerly by the shoulder.. His voice.. Dripping with remorse. Sadly..."Sorry sir, I thought you were Emeka."


5. I seriously need to stop listening to peoples Gossip in taxi.. I nearly followed someone home today just to hear the rest of the story..




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Abuja Central Bank of Nigeria


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