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"You Don't Listen To Instructions" - Read Funny Chat Between A Mother And Her Daughter (Photo)

"You Don't Listen To Instruction" - Read Funny Chat Between Mother And Daughter 

Well, Nigerian mothers have proven to be amazing they do especially those religious ones. Most of them are old fashioned and they don't seem to see life the way we kids of this generation see it.

A birthday shoot led to all the long talks between a mother and her daughter.

The daughter actually shared the chats online.

From the chat you can see that the girl had a photoshoot for a birthday or something and showed her mum.

That is actually what's trending among ladies these days. That style of appearing like you don't have a top on but it's actually an off shoulder dress style.

Then the mum mistook it for her being naked.

And she happens to come from a Christian family and her mother is a Pastor.

So the mom was advising her not to post the pictures on social media because of how people will see it.

Well, the girl was surprised her mum took it too far.

She was like..."are you serious?"

Well, the mum is actually concerned, you won't blame her.

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