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“80% of the Things Society Taught me as a Kid Are Lies… A Popular Actress Confesses on Twitter"

I don’t stand to be corrected in this matter…

You’ve been lied to, I’ve been lied to, We’ve all been lied to.

You may not want to admit it… But it’s the bloody, bitter and damn truth.

The earlier you admit it…the better for you (it’s for your own good and sanity).

Let me take your mind back to over 2000 years ago when Rabbi quipped, “You’ll know the truth. And the truth will set you free.”

There’s nothing wrong with what the young rabbi said (who am I to contradict Jesus?), but I want to add this…

Knowing the truth alone won’t set you free. You also need to, “Accept the truth.”

Few days ago, a famous Ghanaian’s actress (you may know her) took to her twitter handle and tweeted this,

“80% of the Things Society Taught me as a Kid Are Lies”

This lady I’m talking about is in her late 30’s (I guess). She’s tall with a stunning figure. Her skin texture is just so perfect (chocolate in complexion).  I mean, she’s physically beautiful.

This long-legged, sexy and slim actress is nothing but a picture of beauty and glamour.

Men, she’s really damn gorgeous. Hey, don’t look at me like that, Can’t I admire God’s creation?

Anyways, you already know who I’m talking about (if you watch home video a lot.. I don’t).

Here’s what I want you to keep at the fore front of your mind, “It took her almost 40 years to realize that she’s been living a lie.”

I’m wondering how long it’s going to take you…

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’ve been doing lots of “belief sieving and questioning” lately. Because I discovered most of our beliefs are inherited.

And the bad part is…Lots of us are going to live our entire lives on earth not knowing that most of the beliefs we hold so dearly don’t serve us any good.

For example, “Real life dating isn’t a fairytale like the one you watch in the movies.”

Think about it for a second…

On a daily basis, we’re all bombarded with completely unrealistic romantic expectations. I mean, from movies to books (novels) and then social media, all paint pictures and help us to fill our imaginations with images of perfect couples living the “happily ever after” kind of life we’ve all dreamed about.

But the hard truth is that real-life dating isn’t a fairytale:  It isn’t close and never will be.

Most of us have been deceived. We secretly wish that fireworks would go off every time we kiss, want the romantic drama of having a huge fight and storming off only to have our partner chase after us.

Some people want their s/o (significant other) to make passionate declaration about how much they love and care for them publicly.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Basically, I can say that virtually every one of us at first want a movie-level romance based on what society has taught us.

And when we don’t get it, we feel something is wrong with our relationship and then begin to compare it with others.

Keep this in mind always, The fantasy level of perfection you seek doesn’t exist anywhere (at least not on this earth until Jesus comes).

I keep wondering about the kind of lies we believe about relationship (dating) these days.

Know this: “The first step to freedom is to have the heart to stomach the truth – because you can know the truth and still not be able to come to terms with it.”

Let me ask you, What are the things you wish you knew earlier about dating before you started out?

Well, I asked myself and some other people this same question some time ago and I was amazed at the kind of answers I got.

If you’re the kind of person who’s really interested in navigating your way through the dating terrain without blowing yourself up by entangling with “heart mines,” and unrealistic expectations, then you’ve to read this book.

Common Sense Guide to Dating (What You Wish You Knew Earlier About Relationship)

The best part is that it’s free. Let’s just say it’s our new month gift to you.

Vist this website to get it for free now. www(dot)issuesoflove(dot)com

Less I forget, The beautiful, tall and sexy Ghanaian lady I was trying to describe to you is Yvonne Nelson.

She’s pretty. Isn’t she? Whatever!

Stay excited about life because there’s hope for you


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