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Meet Nigerian Comedian Who Almost Lost His Life Because Of His Comedy Video

Comedy has become one of the fast-growing areas of entertainment in Nigeria. Nigerians want to laugh, they want to be happy and that is precisely why you see the likes of Isaac Aloma Junior, Taooma and many other comedians making it big in comedy because they are dishing out funny contents everytime.

Photo credit: MC Freedom.

However, as lucrative as comedy contents are, there is still a big challenge for comedians. They have to continue to churn out funny contents else they will lose their followers and become literally less valid in the industry, therefore giving up and coming comedians an edge over them.

In a bid to continue to give interesting comedy contents to their fans, some of these comedians go extra extent to create authentic and unique contents for their fans. Sadly, one of the comedians who almost lost his life just because he wanted to create a unique content for his fans was Adeniyi Abiodun Oluwakuusibe, (aka MC Freedom).

Many of us may not really know MC Freedom closely, but he is one of the fast rising online comedians from Oyo state making trendy comedy contents.

So, how did MC Freedom almost lose his life while creating comedy content?

In the month of June 2021, MC Freedom wanting to create a rather unique comedy content for his fans decided to explore another category of prank in Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo state.

Photo credit: Ghgossip.

The comedian decided to dress up as a native doctor, went to a popular market and demanded from an unknown lady that he wanted to use her for ritual. This prank infuriated the people in the market, and they immediately mobbed him thinking that he was a real ritualist. Before long, the comedian was beaten mercilessly, macheted and almost set ablaze before the crowd was convinced that he was a comedian.

Photo credit: MC Freedom.

MC Freedom would be the first and only Nigerian comedian to experience mob action during his comedy, and what happened to him would remain an unforgettable lesson to other comedians never to pull ritual pranks on their unsuspecting audience.

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