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College Education


"University Girls In Their First Semester Vs In Their Third Semester" - And Other Funny Memes

My dad just walked into the room looking sad with his fists closed and said he just realized that his office plant is going to die.

Girls in their first semester vs girls in their eighth semester.

When you text her with good morning beautiful and she reply you calling you buddy.

How to avoid the police disturbing you.

First black character mission on GTA.

I should really start going to bed earlier so that I will have more time in the morning to he late for work.

When you're having a fangirl moment in public.

That pain, a doctor crying behind a hospital after not being able to save the life of a 19 year old boy.

That moment when you're learning skating.

Five Batman, three Superman, three hulk, 3 Spider-Man but always one wolverine.

Do you see it?

How today's education is like.

Write your name in Japanese and put it in the comment section.

When you are talking about someone and the person is right behind you.

Type a name that starts with X

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